Welcome to The Culinary Hub, where creativity, experimentation, and gastronomy converge in a warm social space.

For the F&B start up entrepreneur

Our show kitchen can be a launch platform for a new F&B brand or experimental ground for a talented chef. This is where we expose the behind the scenes making of new menus for new brands & help F&B entrepreneurs engage in the real life experience of being a restaurateur in a safe & risk free environment in the heart of our bistro

For the F&B operator to build & test new products

The show kitchen allows for clients to rent the space to build new products, do product trials on a live audience as well as hire the venue for product launch events.

For new product development & launch

The show kitchen is where our chefs continuously create new concepts & menus for clients. It is built like an island kitchen with counter seating where chef & client interact

For food photography & videography

Equipped with trendy serve-ware, indoor outdoor lighting in a stylish bistro ambience, the show kitchen allows for great food photography & videos for brands to market on their channels.

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Unlock the doors to creativity at our Culinary Hub. Our show kitchen, designed to emulate a state-of-the-art home kitchen, invites chefs and clients to collaborate, innovate, and create culinary magic.